***SPECIAL*** Birthday Cake

1 g $151/8 oz $301/4 oz $601/2 oz $801 oz $150

Review from T-roy:

Just in time for our own birthday to celebrate 10 years in the OC, the new Indica Birthday Cake is on the Kind menu and is ready to get you feeling heavy and stoned for a solid heady experience in the first few hits. These beautiful light green dusty dust bunny flowers will have you reaching for your pillow too. As it’s the end side of August and winding down toward Fall, this would be the perfect back-porch-end-of-day flower to settle over your mind and heart to watch Summer cool off with those beautiful OC Sunsets. There’s a tasty flavoring to the bud on the inhale too that I can’t quite put my finger on – definitely sweet and earthy – but it gives a natural weedy taste that I really enjoyed. The squish factor also offers up a high burn rate in your bowl which also produces a lovely lung expanding experience in each hit that should get you coughing to ignite that nice calming high but not enough to obliterate your throat and lungs. Birthday Cake set my eyes to half mast and slowly seduced me into a chill vibe, replacing my party hat with a night cap in just the first few hits. And for the price and the burn rate giving hit after hit, this Indica would be perfect in your night bowl. The effects are obvious, immediate, and long lasting, as my energy slowed way down and I was launched into nap mode for about an hour in the middle of the day. Celebrate 10 years of Kind with the new smokey, flavorful, de-energizing and relaxing Indica Birthday Cake and get you a slice!