Apple Fritter

1 g $201/8 oz $501/4 oz $1001/2 oz $2001 oz $360

Darker, stonier, and heavier than most, the new Indoor Indica Apple Fritter—from the same grower as the Hybrid Black Lemon Cherry Gelato—is a rich, hearty strain that is waiting to send you to Chill-Ville or even Dreamland on a cloud of potent THC. Cracking apart this dense, lovely bud the sweetly, earthy aroma is an obvious signal for the quality experience ahead. Quickly I was feeling chill, calm, and sleepy after just the first few hits as this is quite a Stoney strain. The buds are gorgeous as well, little forested globes of goodness filling your bowl. The droopy eyes, drifting thoughts, uplifting bliss, and calming body effects all were hitting me strong as was a nice complement to the burn rate of the flower, but this bud does burn light. Fine smoke tendrils and the flavorful taste of it playing on your tongue all offer up some red eyes and slumping bodies as the euphoria could easily overtake a more inexperienced toker. Everyone is different, of course, but this could very easily drop most off into a state of extreme relaxation. There’s a gentleness to the flower too that‘s like Grandma’s own fresh baked Apple Fritters and won’t cause a lot of heavy coughing. The New Apple Fritter is a mood lifting and energy lowering, flavorful Indica strain that won’t tear up your throat but will ease a tired mind, relax a tense body, and put a smile on your face like the yummy dessert it is.