The Good Life CBN Gummies Sleep Aid 75mg

Price each:$15

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a bigger proponent of CBN than me.  Way back in the day, we used to carry a CBN tincture that I tried one time and was blown away by the results, working better than I ever could’ve thought.  For those of you that don’t know CBN is literally designed for one thing: knocking you out and putting you to sleep.  Many of us know about THC and it’s effects (why else would you be reading this review or be on this website?) and CBD is for body pain.  CBN is a different kind of cannabinoid.  Not to get you high or alleviate pain, but putting you down hard.  These gummies are pretty tasty too, which surprised me.  Making bud odorless as you smoke it is on par with making edibles taste good in my opinion, and the Good Life brand has accomplished that.  I had taken one the first night to see how I reacted and two the second night for good measure.  Both times I was knocked out with ease.  The second time hit me so hard I left a light on in my room and didn’t wake up till hours later.  And, fortunately, I fell right back asleep.  Again, this is a different kind of high that sinks you into the couch or pillow and dips your eyelids in cement.  Think of Abusive OG but roughly ten times stronger and without the loopy, “high” feeling because you’ll get more sleepy than anything else.  If you take one or two of these little guys you’re sure to have a night full of slumber and relaxation. Perfect for insomnia.

THC mg per serving5