Lyt Milk Chocolate 500MG

Price each:$25

Review from T-roy:

A few weeks back I reviewed Wonka Bars and dropped all kinds of silly Willy Wonka and chocolate references… And given this year the actor that played Charlie is now the same age as Grandpa Joe in the original movie 0_o it seems apropos, not to mention this is some delicious tasting chocolate! Seriously, the Oompah-Loompas on the back end made some high quality stuff because not only is the package professional and colorful, the chocolate some of the best I’ve ever tasted, like, ever (think a rich but milky Dutch chocolate) but ooooweeee get ready for a ride Charlie. Speaking of Charlie, I felt like him unwrapping the packaging, knowing I was going to Wonkaville. I took four pieces, resisted gobbling down the whole thing, and waited to get lifted like I had just guzzled some Fizzy Lifting Drinks. About two hours later, as in me writing this right now, I do feel lifted, in a dreamy, elevated state. My limbs are tingling a bit but nothing crazy and if I focus on certain muscles I can relax them.

I’m struggling to stay awake and I feel a deep sleep coming. Well I denied that because in a burst of creative energy I got distracted and slid into the shakes and quivering muscle stage. What some would call “The Boat Scene” Stage – but since I’ve been here before, I know this is expected and just part of the ride.  Obviously I’m larger than most, so even four pieces was a lot for me.  And just like a balloon deflating, after about 30 minutes the muscles and soft switches faded and I felt fine. But again, that was a larger dose, even for me so I would certainly recommend testing and building up to what works for you. But I was still sleepy and knew I would be sleeping peacefully soon enough. And sure enough, I did but I woke up with a significant weed hangover, feeling sluggish and foggy-brained for most of the morning too, tho not enough to not be productive and still maintain that toned down relaxed and peaceful state of mind. Lyt chocolate is one of the best edibles I’ve ever had as far as quality, effectiveness, taste, and strength. Get some and let it take you to a World of Pure, but sleepy, Imagination.

THC mg per serving31
Net weight70g