High Voltage Gummy Wild Blueberry Rings

10 per pack:$10

Review from driver T-roy:

If you haven’t tried the new High Voltage gummies on the menu you should give them a try.  The packaging, the flavoring, the effects and everything in between are nothing but top notch, professional, and exciting (expert marketing ploy that hooked me with the black packaging against the yellow striped hazard lines, like you’re holding something fragile from a lab).  I tested the Watermelon rings a few months ago, so when we started carrying the little weed leaves I was extremely curious of the taste being…they’re…you know…weed leaves.  Every edible out there seems to have a marijuana taste to it, and I’m happy to report that the little weed leaves don’t actually taste of weed, but actually remind me of a fruit rollup from my childhood. When was the last time you had one of those, amIright?  I actually liked the taste after the third night of trying them.  Like with most gummies, after an hour I was feeling the effects and getting lethargic and sleepy so no problems there.  Each of them are 20 mg and don’t have any sugary or sour-sugar coating.  I must say I’m impressed with my first every weed leaf shaped medicinal food – I’ve come a loooong way from Flintstone vitamins.  There’s not a weird underlying aftertaste either.  As far as the gummy bears, they come in both sour patch sugar coating but the ones I tried weren’t coated in anything.  I certainly would not pop a couple of these before work or do anything too mentally strenuous, but would reserve these for resting, recovery, nightly sleep, or insomnia.  Don’t expect to be an alert Mensa candidate ready to hit the gym with a ton of energy after taking these.  Seriously.  In fact the high could be categorized the same for all the High Voltage products in that expect to be down, slower, relaxed, chill, and sleep-induced.  Fantastic all around, very effective, and tasty as hell.

THC mg per serving20