G2 Passion Fruit Infused Drink

Price each:$24

Review from driver T-roy:

For the first time in Kind history, we’re carrying drinks!  That’s right, cannabis infused beverages that comes in Passion Fruit Lemonade and Arnold Palmer flavors.  I picked the Passion Fruit Lemonade and was pleasantly surprised – there is the tinest hint of a marijuana taste but it mainly has a flavoring like a spiked Gatorade with a bit of tangy aftertaste.  It is refreshing, and I have to say pretty strong too.  I’ve had my tester bottle for a while, sipping on it like a fine wine because the whole bottle is 250 mg of THC, and being liquid it will hit your blood stream pretty fast, similar to the way alcohol does.  The whole bottle is pretty light too at 16 Oz with 220 calories and 48 grams of sugar, so added with the high THC content this drink will do a number on you if you decide to chug the whole thing at once.  To compare, that’s like eating five G.O.A.T. Gummies.  If you’re looking to get ripped in a hurry this is the drink you can count on.  In fact, one of our patients already swears by it and loves them, you will too!

THC mg per serving125