G.O.A.T. Edible Sour Variety Gummy 200mg

Price each:$15

Full spectrum cannabis oil used to make a tasty fruity gummy. Each 50mg morsel packs a punch so watch out!
When I got my sample of the GOAT gummies (Greatest Of All Time) I was admittedly intimidated from what I’d heard.  The sample came in a small green and clear packaging and was a fairly large sized edible for a gummy.  My sample was a bit on the heavier side for dosing so I only took about a third of it the first night.  It was called a GOAT because it was so strong and would definitely feel the effects, particularly those with a high tolerance. The first night I didn’t feel much and regretted not taking more of it, but it was on the second night that I took the other 2/3 and REALLY felt it. Had I taken the whole thing, who knows how many days would’ve passed before I woke up.  The way they come for our patients however, is four gummy tokens with a sugary coating.  If they taste and hit as well as my sample did they should be a smash with our patients.  They reminded me of the green and orange gummy chews my dad would eat in bed while watching Night Court when I was little.  Now, on the packaging it says they are Full Spectrum, which basically means it’s made with old school style cannabutter.  This is from High Times: “The vast majority of ingestible cannabis products in dispensaries are made with distillate—basically pure THC molecules that are derived using solvents and chemical processes to extract the THC from raw flower.  Far fewer edibles on the market today are made from full-spectrum cannabis oil, such as cannabutter or rosin. There are two primary reasons for this: it’s generally cheaper, quicker, and more efficient to use a chemical process to extract THC than it is to craft rosin or cannabutter; distillate is tasteless and can therefore be added to a wider variety of food products like gummies, cookies, brownies, and soft drinks without the distinctive, weedy taste.”  The crafted cannabutter used for these GOAT Gummies is noticeable because they actually taste good.  The new GOAT Gummies are fantastic for a heavy and sleep effect that’s sure to relax or even knock out any insomnia.

THC mg per serving50