High Voltage Dark Chocolate-420mg

Price each:$25

Review from driver T-roy:

If you’ve ordered any High Voltage gummy’s at any time since we’ve been carrying them you’ll know I’m a big fan.  Outside of the Weed Leaves, which we don’t carry anymore, I’ve had nothing but fabulous experiences with their brand and edibles. So when the shipment of dark, white, and milk chocolate bars rolled in I was pretty excited.  These chocolates will be replacing the CannaMX chocolates, and are even stronger at a staggering 70mg per piece.  I love white chocolate and honestly can’t remember the last time I had it where it wasn’t THC infused, so my taste gauge may be a bit wonky, BUT I’m happy to report the taste not only isn’t bad but it’s actually kinda flavorful.  The chalky taste IS present but nothing like some I have tried THATS the equivalent of licking a chalkboard. Yuck. The white chocolate is sweet, but it’s soft and melts really easily.  Could I’ve eaten more, the whole bar even? Sure, if I wanted to sleep anywhere from 17 hours straight to two straight days, but I had to get up and see you good folks.  The new High Voltage chocolate bars are a highly potent, extremely powerful edible that will put you down like an elephant tranquilizer, and in your favorite flavors!

THC mg per serving70