Budda’s Best Chocolate Lover’s Cookie 300mg

Price each:$16

Review from driver T-roy:

I don’t do many edibles anymore simply because of the long lasting power they give off hours after ingesting them.  I’m by no means novice to THC now, but a cookie or a brownie are usually the most surprising and unexpected kinds of high out there. There’s even hilarious memes dedicated to the avalanching effects of a good solid brownie (“Man, I don’t think this edible is working”…4 days later: “What year is it?!”).  The BB’s Chocolate Lover’s Ecstasy Cookie isn’t any different.  At a whopping 300 mg for the whole cookie I would classify this edible as dangerous just for the delicious taste.  Seriously, these are like the cookies grandma used to make, and with only 5 grams of sugar and 62 calories it won’t stretch your waist.  Not that you would want to go full blown Oreo package and eat multiple or even the whole thing unless you want to wake up a week from now.  On the package they advertise “ The most of medicine for your money, and it taste really good!”  They aren’t kidding.  There’s a tiny yellow square on the back to help identify what a smaller dose like 10 mg looks like, and as I expected it was about the size of my pinky nail.  If that’s not enough warn of the strength in these things I don’t know what is.  This a fantastically delicious and effective cookie for someone on a budget and looking for some long lasting relief or a solid and restful nights sleep.

THC mg per serving300