First let me say that concern for our staff and members is my utmost concern at Kinder Deliveries. I wanted to detail a few changes we are trying in order to keep everyone safe and still continue providing you with high quality meds.

What we are doing:


Drivers and processors all have protective masks and hand sanitizer/alcohol/wipes.

We now offer CBD Hand Sanitizer in 1 ounce bottles for $6.

Delivery Timing

In order to reduce drivers’ time on the roads, we are trying to group as many orders together in a route. This might increase some delivery windows. Let us know if you are good for us to wait longer but also tell us if you have time constraints.

Payment over phone

We are taking cc over the phone as much as possible. Please have your card ready when you place the order.

No contact deliveries

At your request we can leave the order at the door if you paid by cc or you can leave money out and driver can leave order at the door. You can also request to meet at the drivers car. We will be in contact with you on timing if we do drop at door.  Sorry all hugs to T-roy are on hold til future notice!

What you can do:


Be flexible as you can. The safer all of our drivers feel, the longer they will keep going. We are depending on them!


Wash your hands before interacting with drivers and after you get your order


Have money ready in envelope if possible to hand to driver or leave at door. Let us or driver know if you need change

If you are paying cc, have your card ready when u place the order

Order frequency

Try to consolidate your orders as much as you can in order to reduce our frequency of coming out to you.

Appreciate your drivers!

We can only keep going as long as our brave staff are willing to work. Show your support and recognize they are out there so you can stay inside!