Seven10 Creations Disposable Vapes- Sweet Melon (0.5g)


Disposable vape with a sweet smooth taste.

Review from Driver T-roy

I think the best way to start this review is by acknowledging, once again, how much the products in this industry have evolved, improved, and gone to the next level. I don’t recall the name of the brand of disposable Vape that we had all those years ago when I first started delivering for Kind, but these new pens are worlds better in effectiveness, taste, and dependability. They come in a long gray plastic containers which is the only realistic complaint I have in that they are a little hard to open.  Otherwise, this pen is fabulous in every way.  It’s professional too, with a solid draw with every hit that lights the tip of the throwaway pen. My particular flavor for this test was sweet melon and the orangey, citrus flavor is one of the strongest I’ve ever had.  On top of this, it’s totally soundless.  Seriously.  This is a first for me.  No matter what vaping pen I’ve ever come across, there was always a light, whistling noise, or a soft hum whenever someone took a hit. Not with these. They are literally one of the most discrete pens I’ve ever seen, because other than the light vaporizer mist and the illumination at the tip on each draw these things are as inconspicuous as a stick bug in a tumbleweed. No sound on the draw, and the mouthpiece is actually very pleasant too with a black rounded tip.  As far as the effects, it offered a gentle, cerebral high that was a wonderful way to start the day.  Seven10 has mastered the disposable vape pen, and for a nice price and an even nicer high, you’ll want to try a few for yourself.  Perfect for someone needing discretion and reliability while medicating.