Ascnd Dab Cartridges Cosmic Glue


3 or more $5 off each cartridge


ASCND Dab Oil Cartridge – Cosmic Glue

Note: 510 thread (works with Delta9 Max 2.0 Battery, along with every other one we have tried). Each strain is labeled on the cartridge to eliminate the guesswork!


ASCND oils are high cannabinoid full-spectrum, single origin extracts. These oils have an ideal composition for users who appreciate heavy psychoactive effects and a true-to-strain flower or weedy taste profile, while still retaining crucial bioactive terpenes and flavonoids.


Our tailored version of the latest ceramic heating technology, with customized adjustments to optimize our device to perfection.


Review from driver T-roy:

Introducing the new ACSND dab cart for your vape pen.  All the strength and high-ness of doing a dab in the compacted convenience of a vape cart.  Looking sleek, clean, and full of pure oil, let me tell you, these things will knock you on your ass.  When we first got them to test, I immediately thought of how pretty and professional the carts look.  We’ve come a long way (baby) from the broken, chunky, and dried out oil cartridges from four and five years ago.  But how does it hit?  Smooth as glass, with a nice elongated mouth piece that won’t heat up on tokes.  Each hit comes with ease and power.  And as far as the effects go, let me just say, _brace yourself_.  When we first got these carts in I tried a few hits – stupidly – before heading out the door, and for the first time ever a vape pen caused a delay in my day and plans.  After just two hits – TWO HITS – not only did I have to postpone my departure by almost 25 minutes to get my balance and equilibrium back in order, but it felt like I had smoke a whole joint in a matter of four minutes.  For those of you that don’t know what a dab is, basically it’s the strongest kind of marijuana hit you can take outside of eating a whole 300 mg brownie at once (besides dabbing offering much, much faster results).  Dabbing is similar to doing a bong rip, but instead of flower and bud, a concentrated wax, crumble, or shatter is used.  Personally, I like to treat dabbing as something special, something for special occasions or with other seasoned mmj users.  The amount of medicine intake during a dab is essentially 10 times the strength of a regular bong rip.  So, the fact that all of this is compacted in a vape pen is nothing short of a testament to how far this industry has come and where it’s going.  It should be noted that like the comparisons of flower to wax or shatter, there is a bit of a price jump verses the delta 9 and Stiiizy carts we have now.  Half grams are $50 and full grams are $80. So for those that are looking for your vape pen to give you a next level boost, as well as offering bit of reprieve to your pocketbook because you’ll only need 3 hits vs 6 or 7 to get you where you need to be, check out our new ASCND vape cartridges in Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid.  You won’t be sorry.