Apple Dab Cartridge: Gelato



Gelato by Apple Dabs – 85.7% THC – Sweet sherbet flavor, hints of passionfruit and orange. Head heavy high, leaves you feeling uplifted, euphoric yet slightly focused. Promotes feelings of calmness and well being.
The new Apple Dabs Indica cart and pen is the ultimate in discreet vaping merely because they are the first reusable pen that doesn’t make a single noise while you’re vaping.  The vape is nice and thick on the exhale and you will definitely feel the slow trickle of feel good come over you.  The pen is made of a soft black rubber exterior that is fantastic for handling and the carts are a chic gold which gives the whole pen a very attractive design.  On the pull a light will illuminate the tip with a melting apple design (move over, Steve Jobs).  The vape flavoring is superb, the purple punch dancing a fruity, berry jig on my tongue.  I felt relaxed and chill during the entire test of the pen and only coughed twice, and those were on super long rips.  Had I kept the test going long term I probably would’ve fallen asleep.  Also, I say this every year but I’m constantly impressed with the improving evolution of vape pens and how much more efficient and well crafted their designs have become in recent years, and Apple Dabs is no different. These are fabulous pens and carts and I’m really excited we’ve decided to start carrying them. They have carts in Sativa, Indica, and cbd.

THC 85.7%
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